No on 64 Campaign Files Suit to Challenge Proponents’ Misleading Ballot Arguments

Proposition 64 explicitly legalizes marijuana ads on television

SACRAMENTO, CA – The NO on Proposition 64 campaign announced they have sued the initiative’s proponents over the claims they made in their ballot arguments and are vigorously defending the claim that marijuana advertising will be allowed under Proposition 64.

“Yes on Proposition 64 didn’t just get it wrong again, but they drafted a flawed measure that fails to address standards for driving while impaired while allowing for the television advertising of marijuana and the remote delivery of recreational marijuana any product, something that is illegal in both Washington and Colorado, said Wayne Johnson – Campaign Consultant for NO on Prop 64. “These are both carve-outs to the big business backers of Prop 64.”

The suit was filed in Superior Court and will be heard this Friday.

“The marijuana business folks behind Prop 64 need to come clean with the voters of California and stop pretending that this is about protecting children,” Johnson continued. “The goal is simple – allow the venture capitol firms lining up to make billions off the new marijuana gold rush to advertise on broadcast television and allow unregulated companies, who all want to be the Uber for Pot, to deliver any marijuana product anywhere as long as you can pay cash.”

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