Marijuana Positive Tests Sky Rocket in Fatal Utah Crashes

by Heidi Hatch

(KUTV) Positive marijuana tests have sky rocketed nearly 300 percent in 3 years in fatal Utah crashes.

The numbers are staggering and are raising concern with the increase happening during the same time period marijuana has been legalized in neighboring Colorado.

128 people who’ve died in fatal crashes in the last decade in Utah have tested positive for marijuana. That number has jumped in the last 3 years, raising alarms for Utah’s Department of Public Safety.

“It is always a concern when the numbers go up.” Sgt. Christian Newlin knows the numbers and says drivers testing positive for marijuana in fatal accidents have increased from 10 in 2013 to 21 in 2014 and 38 in 2015.

The increase equals 280 percent in 3 years.
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