California Association of Highway Patrolmen Announce Opposition to Marijuana Sales Ballot Measure

Sacramento, CA – The California Association of Highway Patrolmen is adding the voice of their 14,500 members against the proposed “Adult Use of Marijuana” intitiative which legalizes recreational sales and businesses.

California Association of Highway Patrolmen president Doug Villars noted in their opposition, “We strongly oppose the new ‘Adult Use of Marijuana Act’ and will urge California voters to do the same. This proposed measure will result in no cost savings to the highway patrol, and in fact adds costs due to increased marijuana DUI-related accidents and fatalities as experienced by other states. This initiative also allows passengers in a vehicle to smoke marijuana, resulting in second-hand smoke intoxication of the driver. We believe this, combined with a number of other provisions in the initiative, will make California’s highways and roads more dangerous.”

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